Not all carbon fiber products and production methods are created equal. Find out how and why ARKYM chooses to use proprietary ARKYM VLI, Vacuum-Lock Infusionâ„¢ technology on all of our AeroSport an AeroRace carbon products.

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Vacuum-Lock Infusionâ„¢

Often times a company’s growth and success is measured by quantity over quality. In doing so, unnecessary cost-cutting measures take a toll on efficient means of production - leading to higher defect and rejection rates seen in deliverables. In the carbon-fiber business, these compromises lead to flawed, exaggerated company philosophies and false corporate foundations, quickly identifying brands that can handle today’s most discerning automobile enthusiast demands...and those that, unfortunately, can’t.

At Arkym, our strive for product perfection is a continuous research and development cycle that lies at the heart of our controlled production line, within our process technology that we call ARKTek VLIâ„¢ or Vacuum-Lock Infusionâ„¢ found standard in every AeroSport and AeroRace product we create for our consumers.

ARKYM ArkTek VLIâ„¢ process technology can be simplified into the following steps:

Part I. Staging Material Procedure
-Quality, strength, weave, weight, visual appeal. All characteristics of the aerospace-grade carbon fiber we choose to employ for our consumer markets. Furthermore, a careful review and selection process of Kevlar® composites and/or Nomex® critical density honeycomb is roadmapped into part production for function, form and necessity.

Part II. Resin Selection and Quantification