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ARKYM ARTICLE #16 - 11.26.10

// ARKYM AeroRace ONE Makes a Trackside Debut, Spring Mountain

“Let’s see how our beloved M3 measures up with the Big Boys on the Track. While probably one of the most unorthodox methods of strategic partnerships to come to fruition, this one non-chalantly began with an exchange of keys — ARKYM AeroRace ONE’s pair…

Introducing BBi Autosport – quite possibly Orange County’s best kept secret and trusted authority on all things Porsche Motorsport related. Regarded by select clientele as being the number one source of Porsche service and aftermarket support, BBi and its expert staff also support many local track and rally events with instruction (OC RaceCraft, for instance) to provide direct working knowledge of one’s car to its customer.

“[Motorsport] pride and glory runs through these veins…”, says founder Betim Berisha, as he motions to his crew. “We’ve got a track day this weekend, lets see what [this] thing can do.” And the deal was sealed having granted Berisha free will to ‘test’ as he pleases at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch 11/20-11/21 in Pahrump, Nevada.

Enter Spring Mountain weekend. After a quick turn in to Interstate 127 from traffic-ridden 15N, a brisk and adventurous triple-digit canyon run “back road” comes to an end, but not without a warm and gracious welcome from our good friends at DCMotors, Doug and Nicole, who had prepared a small enthusiast track-gathering between BBi Autosport, its customers, a few P-car aficionados from Exotics Boutique, and Radical-only drivers (see below).

After an LA-to-NV warm-up lap, ARKYM’s AeroRace ONE was now ready and willing to experience the physical definition of “aerodynamic theory” on a fast and equally furious track configuration. One could definitely sense a tense and energetic excitement among the group from the varied first-timer to seasoned track rat. Berisha’s unspoken-of reputation humbles many of them as his presence automatically positions him far to the right edge of this spectrum…